Recruitment services

Japan has one of the lowest unemployment rate in the world, which is around 3.5%. As a result, there is a need in highly qualified specialists in IT, Finance, Education and other areas. JCAIP will help you to find right talents for your business. For this purpose we have a well established and highly organized recruitment network, which is based on solid experience of working with respectable companies. Our selection and screening process includes several steps. JCAIP can attract highly qualified specialists, engineers, construction workers, professors and teachers from abroad to Japan as well.

Our recruitment process involves all steps:

  • Identify a vacancy and evaluate a need
  • Develop a position description
  • Develop a recruitment plan
  • Select a search committee
  • Post a position and implement the recruitment plan
  • Review applicants and develop a shortlist
  • Conduct an interview
  • Finalize the recruitment