Global sales management

We provide services to identify priorities that have great impact on the client's sales performance. Our highly qualified managers in cooperation with our engineers develop comprehensive sales and channel strategies for Japanese manufacturers in their intention to increase sales volume in foreign markets. New business, sales and channel development are based on the strong marketing intelligence taking into account all aspects of a new market.

None of the buyers can doubt the quality of Japanese technologies and their capabilities to handle current environment issues. What about the cost? Many Japanese manufacturers of world class technologies challenge the strict price competition, especially in developing and poor countries due to higher prices for their product. Is it related only to the cost?

Over the past years, JCAP Corp. has witnessed through cooperation with many Japanese companies that higher price is not the reason to decline the level of sales and obstacles in introducing a new type of products in developing markets.

We can share some of these reasons (obstacles):

  • Local markets are very specific and require a consistent flexibility, especially in relation with the local government;
  • Inability to attract and balance the financial flows;
  • Shortage of highly qualified technical specialists and technical translators;
  • Complexity of engineering works for the project implementation requires highly qualified Japanese engineers, that increase the final cost of the project;
  • Product localization difficulties;
  • Difficulties in justifying and calculating the effectiveness of the project.

So, JCAIP Corp. introduces here its Comprehensive Sales Approaches.

In today's competitive environment of global market, the traditional relationship «Seller–Buyer» is no longer effective and productive. JCAP Corp. offers its unique service in promotion of Japanese technologies and equipment abroad, particularly to developing countries. The unique service replace the traditional sales approach like «Seller–Buyer»: we find solutions for more comprehensive issues, which create obstacles for potential consumer to purchase the Japanese technologies. Instead of just «sale», we go wider in reaching the root of obstacles, we develops the complex tasks to manage them.