Consultancy tenders

Our professionals provide expert level support services in many fields of procurement and engineering services. They ensure an accurate tender procedure to prepare and negotiate all project bids that minimize your risks. Our experience and capabilities allow us to serve companies participating in tender organized by local government agencies and companies.

We can help you to:

  • Ensure a successful tender phase with strategic planning
  • Prepare accurate tender documentation, outlining all key performance requirements
  • Define a strategic plan and choose the right bidders
  • Ensure all goods and services meet the quality assessment and are in full regulatory compliance
  • Ensure successful negotiations
  • Apply best practice tender procedures

Services include:

  • Analysis of the technical and quality assessment
  • Preparation of documentation, such as «Request for Proposal»
  • Invitation to Tender
  • Analysis of the defined technical and commercial data
  • Bid evaluation and negotiation
  • Terms and conditions
  • Project planning
  • Contract drafting
  • Resource planning
  • External analytical studies
  • Tender procedures
  • Contract award