Electric power

Our electric power engineering consulting services focus on understanding of the clients' requirements and satisfaction of their business needs. We have an experienced team of power system engineers and consultants having advanced analysis capabilities.

Survey and design services on:

We are one of the few companies with extensive experience and achievements in the sphere of survey and design consultancy in energy and power sector. We have experience in Thermal power plants, Heating power plants, Central heating plants and others. Our design and consulting capabilities vary from small and medium-sized units to the large ones. Our experts have supported many similar projects in resource-rich developing countries in cooperation with other engineering companies and equipment manufacturers.

Services include:

  • Field study and analysis
  • Assistance and consultation on various documentation
  • Researches on pre–feasibility and feasibility studies
  • Power equipment installation and process control

Flexible engineering solutions

Our engineers have experience in such fields as power plants, geology, water resources, environmental engineering and others. To create the best conditions for our clients we are ready to send our engineers on short-term and long-term basis. Our engineers work with local and international teams in various projects for several years helping them to implement the project more successfully. Each engineer's work is monitored by our supervisor, who provides assistance to do the job more effectively. The supervisor can attract another and more experienced engineer, if needed. In addition, the supervisor provides assistance with preparation and holding negotiations with local authorities as well as obtaining various permits.

We have vast experience in gas turbines installation and reapplication projects. The Japanese key manufacturers and power companies choose us as a reliable partner for the implementation of the relevant projects. Therefore, application of energy efficiency technologies is one of our top priorities.

We offer industry-leading consulting and design services to gas turbine operators, as well as a wide range of services to utilities providers, independent power producers and private sector enterprises.

Services include:

  • Field study assistance with pre–feasibility study
  • Consulting on feasibility study
  • Planning and design of gas turbine installation
  • Planning and development of working papers

Photovoltaic energy engineering

We recognize the huge potential in the implementation of solar and wind energy projects and bring Japanese experience and advance technologies. We offer project planning and implementation consulting services for photovoltaic projects to our clients by providing assistance to appropriate local government agencies.