Outstanding project
management solutions

JCAIP aims to address the smart energy and infrastructure projects management solutions for Japanese companies doing business abroad. Our consulting services are targeted to «know how» approaches, which cover a wide range of services - from high quality research to effective sales management of energy and infrastructure technologies from Japan all over the world.

We offer a partnership aiming to increase the international trade between Japan and foreign countries. We have extensive experience, gained over the years of work in various fields including promotion of energy efficient technologies, traffic management systems, smart energy buildings, energy conservation and others.

We helped dozens of Japanese manufactures to improve their sales performance by capturing the markets even those with strict competition among the world leading manufacturers.

Our entry and expansion solutions are based on the «comprehensive sales strategy», which includes not only a market research prior to technology supply, but also after sales services and next sales cycles.

Currently, our partnership is related mainly to the Energy and Infrastructure projects; nevertheless, considering the fact that these are both large-scale sectors, we also handle additional consulting services in practice, including legal, translation and government relations.

The most important thing in order to solve any particular task is to clarify the situation quickly and find the most experienced and skilled experts to solve the issue. We use our own team of analytics and experienced technical translators to have a proper understanding of the situations; we attract our partner organizations, both Japanese and foreign, to solve difficult and specific tasks.

One of the most important objectives of JCAIP management is to sustain and improve its business experience. Participation in on-going and new projects ensures the experience growth. We invite you to for cooperation with our company in different fields of intentional business.

This website contains a summary and review of those spheres and projects, which show the JCAIP's experience of strong and long-term interaction with different partner organizations.

Global sales management

Global sales management

We provide services to identify the priorities that have great impact on client's sales performance. Our highly qualified managers in cooperation with our engineers develop comprehensive sales and channel strategies for Japanese manufacturers in their intention to increase sales volume in foreign markets. New business, sales and channel development are based on the strong marketing intelligence taking into account all aspects of a new market.

Infrastructure projects management

Infrastructure projects management

In the age of rapid technological change, the infrastructure projects become more complicated due to the diversity of their application. JCAIP's Infrastructure Management Services help simplify client's demands by providing smart, flexible and time-place oriented solutions. Our Infrastructure Projects Management services cover the following industries: electric power, water resources, environment, geological and other engineering fields.