Environmental protection

We are happy to introduce our consulting services in environmental protection engineering to our clients. Our ultimate purpose is to help Japanese companies in the dissemination of their experience and advanced technologies in the field of energy efficiency and environmental protection. We are reliable partner to leading companies and government agencies in their project implementation on environmental protection both in Japan and developing countries.

We provide environmental consulting services to our clients on issues related to water and sewage sector and waste industry. We make analysis of the environment performance for our clients and deliver optimized solutions to them. Our engineers and consultants specialize in innovative solutions for analysis of work environment. We pride ourselves on being able to provide reliable cost–effective environmental services to our clients.

Services include:

  • Water resources recovery
  • Soil erosion prevention
  • Determining applicability of technology
  • Environmental assessment
  • Environmental compliance
  • Environmental strategic planning
  • Integrated water resources planning
  • Natural resources enterprise development
  • Environmental trainings
  • Environmental monitoring

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

JCAIP was involved in Emission Reduction Credit (ERC) projects for industrial facilities, as well as GHG emission credits generated from landfills through control of methane or other industrial processes that create GHG reduction. We are currently providing GHG emission reduction consulting support services to waste collection companies and numerous government and international agencies. Our team has relevant experience in the area of sustainability and energy efficiency. GHG emissions reduction is our core environmental engineering service, which is based on two tools: measuring GHG emission and strategies for reducing GHG emission.

Our team has experience and proprietary customer tool to help our clients to measure GHG emissions, develop strategy for reducing GHG emissions and prepare the CDP survey response. Our professionals have Japanese industry-leading expertise in the area of climate change, energy auditing, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Services include:

  • Providing strategic guidance on energy and climate policies
  • Preparing an inventory
  • Identifying, collecting and analyzing relevant data
  • Providing response check, a high level review service for completed response
  • Conducting energy audits
  • Recommendation of actionable and cost effective activities to reduce energy, water and solid wastes
  • Assisting in CDP survey response completion