Everyday solutions to faciliate international cooperation and operating in foreign markets

JCAIP offers a partnership aiming to increase international trade between Japan and foreign countries and to support Japanese companies in their operations abroad.

JCAIP was established to simplify and speed up decision-making processes in the projects between Japanese and foreign corporations.

We have an extensive experience in various fields, gained over the years of our work including international procurement, human resources, international financial credits, information markets situations analysis, development of strategies for the market entry and expansion, as well as consulting on international negotiations and development of intergovernmental and investment agreements.

Currently, our partnership is related mainly to the Energy and Natural resources industries; nevertheless, considering the fact that these are both large-scale sectors, in practice we often face not only engineering and construction tasks, but also legal, financial, government relations and other tasks as well.

The most important thing in order to solve any particular task is to clarify the situation quickly and find the most experienced and skilled experts to solve the issue. We use our own team of analytics and experienced technical translators to have a proper understanding of the situations; and we attract our partner organizations, both Japanese and foreign, to solve difficult and specific tasks.

The main principle of our approach to work is to avoid making too big mess in solution of all issues, since it may cause a complicated and difficult situation. We just take first task and solve it, and then we proceed with next issue and address the web of problems step by step. We apply this approach both to proceeding with some specific works and planning as well. We gained this valuable experience through close cooperation with a great number of experienced professionals and consultants from leading companies and government organizations.

One of the most important objectives of JCAIP management is to sustain and improve its business experience. Participation in current and new projects ensures the experience growing. We invite you for further cooperation with our company in different fields of international business.

This website contains a summary and review of those spheres and projects, which show the JCAIP's experience of strong and long-term interaction with different partner organizations.