Government relations

We support our clients in their relations with the Government and local authorities. Our company works on both the local and national levels in supporting companies to gain and manage their benefits from doing business in Japan or with Japanese companies, thus providing a very strong support to foreign companies intending to start up business in Japan and enter the Japanese market, as well as to foreign companies already established in Japan that are expanding their business. This would mean that your employees are free to concentrate on their job. Overall efficiency of your company is increased as your staff feel supported and their stress is reduced.

We can provide the following assistance to you:

  • Planning the strategy in government relations
  • Business and official letters writing in Japanese and foreign languages
  • Applications for obtaining various permits and licenses
  • Japanese government authorities meetings arrangement and coordination of meetings
  • Seminars, conferences and exhibitions arrangement
  • Conducting preliminary surveys and consultations with government and private companies
  • Providing information and explanations related to national and local laws and regulations
  • Obtaining permits and authorizations
  • Introducing experts, such as licensed local government relations specialists, tax consultants and administrative consultants