Project finance services

Combining experience and dedication, JCAIP can assist in the delivery of each of your goals through the provision of independent advice and finance facilitation.

We have extensive experience in the international finance sector, including the structuring of private equity investments.

JCAIP works with various banks and funds to structure overseas projects for commercial and governmental banks loans, multilateral and bilateral institutional support, equity fund investment and edit enhancement.

JCAIP works directly with lending institutions, export credit agencies, banks, private equity funds, insurance companies, law companies, and other supporting companies.

JCAIP starts with due diligence and project economic analysis that is used by commercial banks, multilateral lenders and export credit agencies to qualify unique program requirements.

JCAIP provides combination of project development, financing expertise, relationships with stakeholders, and proprietary tools and data that enable us to serve as trusted partners to governments, private developers, and investors.

JCAIP financing consulting work focuses on helping bridge the current gap between investment and needs by convening the right parties and collaborating to establish viable, bankable infrastructure projects in which investors can be confident.

Our financing solutions includes: Due Diligence involves thoroughly reviewing proposals involved in a transaction, including all warranties, bonds, and guarantees.

Our due diligence in Project Finance is a process that consists of multiple steps to ensure the most comprehensive analysis, assessment of promoter history and background, evaluation of the company and project business model, legal due diligence, structure, determination of risks associated with the project, credit analysis and evaluation of loan terms, and project valuation.

Sourcing investors: our roles as the project financing consultant are to help clients make their transaction bankable with a clear project-value proposition, and develop a roadmap to identify potential investors, lenders, manage the relationship, and develop the information needed to support investor engagement.

Structured Financing Solution: We help project owners identify the optimal strategy to raise financing for their project by drawing on our knowledge of the range of available tools and instruments, in-depth expertise on the assets under development, and insights into the project owner’s needs.

Let us put our experience to work for you.